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Yesterday, I published a clock design that I created with Adobe Illustrator, and I pretend to use this for the new icon for my InstantProject application.

I proudly showed the design to my 6 years old son, and he was not that impressed. „The hands are not moving!“  he said. Well, that was true, until today — I built a nice new Clock application using said design for the clock face and yes, the hands are moving now, and the clock is ticking gently.

Finally, I got my son being amazed. „How did you do that?“ he asked. I tried to explain it to him, but I guess, he didn’t understand all the bloody details yet. After all, he only wanted to get that clock running on his Mac.


At the end of the day, I said to my son that he need to go to sleep when the hour-pointer hits the 9. At 10 to 9 he said: „Dad, this clock is very useful. It tells me the time.“

Finally, I found somebody who likes my software :-)

The Clock is now available on the Mac App Store


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  1. Laura

    Hi there! Just wanted to say thanks for this app – just nice to have a visual representation of a clock on screen.

    Would be good if clock size was adjustable though – at the moment it’s just a tad too big!

    Cheers :)

    1. Dr. Rolf Jansen Artikelautor

      Many thanks for the feedback.

      You may want to look out for the next version. I am almost ready with implementing a resizing feature. I guess, that I can submit it to the Mac App Store by the end of this week, and then it may take about 10 days until it is online.

      Best regards


  2. Anuanua

    You say „Finally, I found somebody who likes my software :). Well, you got another one right here! Very practical. Congrats.

  3. Sean Walmsley

    I really like your clock–by far the best I’ve ever seen and used.
    But, can I plead for a calendar option underneath it. I have to use your clock over another clock/calendar and it would be so much better to have just yours!


    1. Dr. Rolf Jansen Artikelautor

      Hi Sean,

      Please can you send a screenshot to my e-mail address — rj(at) ?

      I can think about it, however I am very occupied with other projects, and I won’t promise anything. It won’t be anything near to complete, perhaps something like the following:

      Simple Calendar Sheet


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